About Personality Assessor
Over the past seven years, Personality Assessor has helped more than 580,000 people, including more than 34,000 registered users, to learn more about psychology and themselves.

All of Personality Assessor's sixteen currently available personality tests are designed by real social-personality psychologists. Moreover, new personality assessments are constantly being added!

Personality Assessor was launched on June 24, 2011. Personality Assessor is designed, owned, and operated by Nathan W. Hudson, a social-personality psychologist at who studies adult attachment and personality development. Our purpose is to help people, like you, learn more about psychology and themselves. By taking any of our personality assessments, you can personally experience how research is conducted in contemporary social-personality psychology. Even better, all of our personality tests give instant, personalized feedback designed to help you learn more about yourself.

Many of the personality tests on Personality Assessor are used in ongoing academic research. Your responses are anonymously collected to help psychologists better understand how adults function in romantic relationships and how their personalities change over time. So, whenever you complete a personality test on Personality Assessor, you are also helping to advance research in social-personality psychology!