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Your Actual and Ideal Attachment Styles
Learn about your actual and ideal styles of forming close relationships.
Personality and Memory Ability
Learn how your personality relates to your memory ability.
Jungian Personality Type Test
This test measures your 4-letter Jungian personality type (similar to the variables measured in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), and explains why the Big Five personality traits are superior.
Who Do You Want to Be?
Learn which personality traits you most want for yourself!
Where's My Partner?
How quickly can you find your partner in a crowd? This fun game compares your speed to other people and also teaches you about your attachment style.
Your Attachment Styles
What is your attachment style? Take this test to learn about your attachment bonds with your romantic partner, parents, and best friend.
How Attuned Are You?
Learn how tuned-in you are to your significant other or closest friend.
IPIP-300 Personality Test
This 300-question test examines how you score on the Big Five personality dimensions, as well as 30 more specific personality facets.
What Do You Look for in Relationships?
Learn which elements of a relationship are most important to you!
IPIP-120 Personality Test
This 120-question quiz examines how you score on the Big Five personality dimensions, as well as 30 more specific personality facets.
How Do You Deal?
Learn which coping strategies you tend to use to deal with problems in your life!
Iowa Gambling Card Game
Test your gambling skill and learn how your personality affects risky decisions.
Register a free account to complete this test Does Your Personality Change?
Watch how your personality evolves over the course of a year!
Register a free account to complete this test Do You Know Yourself?
How well do you know yourself? This updated and improved multi-part study compares how you DESCRIBE yourself with how you actually BEHAVE.
Big Five Inventory
Take this short test to learn how you score on the Big Five Personality dimensions.
How Big Is Your Personal Bubble?
Do you like to keep other people at a cool, comfortable arm's length, or would you rather be close and warm with those around you?

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